Fire Club

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Bottle Spin“What is the Farrelli’s Fire Club?”  The Fire Club is your key to unlock exclusive offers and benefits at Farrelli’s, made available only to Fire Club Members.  The club has two components, an in store frequency program that is facilitated with the use of a loyalty card, and an email component where we send you our exclusive offers and event notifications via email.  
“What kind of offers and benefits you ask?”
· A $10 gift certificate via email just for signing up, as well as on your birthday and your annual membership join date!
· Exclusive offers throughout the year!
· Every time you visit one of our stores, we will swipe your Fire Club card.  Once you reach $200 spent, we will put $10 back onto your card to be used on your next visit in the form of a gift card!
Fire Club Card
 “Okay, but what’s the catch?”  There is no catch, no frills and no gimmicks.  We just want to reward our most loyal customers by giving them exclusive benefits.  All you need to do is sign up and we’ll take care of the rest.  And rest assured that we will not share your information with any outside party aside from the companies we utilize to help us facilitate this program, but they will not share your information with any other companies, we promise!

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